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Ring Sling Wearing Instructions - Cradle Carry

First, put on your sling, and prepare/adjust the pouch just enough to fit your baby. Pls ensure that rings are at the 'corsage position' or even higher. Then, hold your baby in burp position on you 'free' shoulder (the shoulder which do not bear the sling)

Open up the pouch. While supporting your baby's bum, put your baby's legs into the pouch area first.

Then, turn the baby sideways slightly, facing away from the rings, and slowly ease your baby's bum into the pouch area. Pull up bit by bit the fabric behind baby's back with your hand.

While holding the fabric behind baby's head, and still supporting your baby's head and back, continue on easing your baby's body into the pouch

While still supporting your baby's body, pull up the fabric behind your baby's head, to support it.
This is how it looks like when your baby's body is in the pouch, with baby's head being supported by the fabric.

To tighten, pull the top rail first, in the direction across your body, as shown. This is to ensure baby's head is firmly supported by the fabric. Support baby's weight/bum for easy adjustment/tightening.

Then, pull the bottom rail, as shown, to make a shallower pouch, if you think your baby is lying too deep in the pouch area. Support baby's weight/bum for easy adjustment/tightening.

This is how it looks like when you're done!

Ring Sling Wearing Instructions - Threading

Hold the rings in one hand, and hold the tail, scrunched-up in your other hand.

Now bring the scrunched up tail to the rings...

...in through both of the rings. Catch the tail using the hand that you used to hold the rings earlier on.

...and pull the tail until the middle part of the sling. Now, your other hand would be holding the rings.

Separate the rings. Hold only the 'bottom' ring. Let go off the 'top' ring

Now, bring back the tail through the 'bottom' ring (the one that you're holding)

Catch the tail...

...and pull through

This is how it looks like when the tail is pulled through

Now here's the part where most people would likely neglect doing... Pull out the fabric from in between the rings. Open-up the fabric, from one side...

...to the other side. Open up the fabric evenly.

Now, pull back the tail slowly from one side...

...to the other side.

This is how it looks like when the ring sling is threaded nicely at the rings.Threading is done to ensure that the fabric go through the rings evenly, for easy adjustment later on when wearing the baby.

Now, you need to place the ring sling on your dominant shoulder. To do this, bring your dominant hand through the ring sling. Bring the ring sling over your head...*Note: if you're not sure which one is your dominant shoulder, think of which hand do you use the most to carry your baby (your dominant hand). If it's your left hand, then your dominant shoulder is your right shoulder, and vice versa)

...and land the padded part on your shoulder. Make sure that the rings are at the 'corsage postion'. Tada! You're done threading and putting on the sling.

Wearing Instructions - Anatomy of Ring Sling

Here's how a JumpSac ring sling looks like when it's opened up and spread out.
Please take note on the terms used.

JumpSac Photoshoot

Hi All,
We've been busy!
Sorry for not updating quite frequently..
We're in the midst of revamping the whole website.
So, in the meantime, enjoy the pics of our recent Photoshoot of the new lines with new shoulder style (which we still need a name here..).
This new shoulder style is lightly padded / lightly cushioned to give you come comfort on the shoulder while wearing your baby.
If you have ideas on naming this new shoulder style, please email us at jumpsac at gmail dot com to share your ideas with us.

We've already started selling these new lines, and yes, they are restockable.

If you're interested in purchasing these ring slings, please email us at jumpsac at gmail dot com for prices.

Alrite, enjoy the pics!

Item #SL-BLENDLA2: Single Layer Linen Blend in Jet Black with Hot Pink Accent

Single Layer Linen Blend in Jet Black with Hot Pink Accent
Desc: This is a custom ring sling using the new JumpSac Light Padding shoulder style.
Practical. Suitable from newborn to toddlerhood. A great everyday carrier. Easy to match with any wardrobe. A classic look, with a hint of Hot Pink Linen Blend to brighten up your outfit. Comes with a handy pocket to store diapers, keys, money, lipstick, etc.
Ring Size: Large
Ring Color: Pink
Price: RM 160
Status: Sold!